Front Entrance

“Your shot at lower scores!” begins at Back Nine Golf Academy in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Located close to Walmart’s Home Office the indoor facility allows you to learn a better way to swing the golf club. We cater for golfers at all levels from the elite player, aspiring college golfers to the beginner.

Unlike outdoor facilities that are subject to weather conditions, your instruction and follow-up practice takes place in a private climate-controlled environment. Away from the public eye while you learn, you are guaranteed the best instruction in the State.

Lessons are backed by visual feedback provided by High Definition Simulators and V1 Pro diagnostic tools.

Parking is available on site allowing you ease of access.

To learn more about the Back Nine Golf Academy and how it can help you to improve and shoot better scores, scroll through the headers on the Web Site.

Alternatively give us a call on 479 715 6500 or visit us at:
502 SW 12th Street, Bentonville.

Email Address: b9golf@gmail.com