Back Nine Golf Academy now offers a program dedicated to young golfers who have an ambition to play college golf. There is more to the game than just swing mechanics. In order to be a complete golfer at the collegiate level there are lots of other factors to work on including:

Wedge Distance Control
Green reading (aim point green reading is an option)
Pre shot routine
Practice with a purpose
Time management
On Course Management
Tournament week management
Mental game  with Vision 54 and Golf Psych

We have had success providing this sought of information to previous students who have gone on to obtain golf scholarships and fulfill their dreams.


Below are students who have received a golf scholarship:

Beever, Brinkley
Brunson, Trevor
Covington, Garrett
Coyle, Justin
Easterling, Erin
Gamble, Sydnie
Greer, Logan
Hames, Slade
Kilcrease, Grace
Loafman, Ethan
Lopez, Noah
Mariscotti, Bruno
Mariscotti, Thomas

Matthews, Brooke
McConnell, Tripp
McSpadden, Fletcher
McSpadden, Palmer
Munday, Nathan
Nelke, Raychel
Robertson, Ali
Robinson, Kate
Robinson, Kyle
Rogers, Chase
Sanchez, Jonathan
Staton, Sydney
Teeter, Jenna
Thomas, Lilly
Wayman, Peyton
Fakult, Andrew
Apolskis, Alexander
Senn, Michael